Private Clients

Advice & support for persons of independent means regarding international company formation, personal bank account opening, yacht registration and airplane registration.

Private Clients

Personal bank account opening

If you are looking for a personal bank account we can refer you to long established, well-known banks around the world. Due to extensive international banking knowledge, personal contacts and close working relationship with many banks we are able offer our clients an unique bank account opening service and the result is the optimal bank account for your needs.

Yacht Registration

Didn't you always wondered in which countries the nicest luxury yachts of the world are registered? If you are interested in a comprehensive yacht registration solution with little bureaucracy, simplified registration process, low registration costs and asset protection built-in (aka: flag of convenience), you should contact us. Ideally before you acquire a new or pre-owned yacht.

Aircraft Registration

There are only a few jurisdictions worldwide left which offer significant advantages for the registration of private airplanes and company jets. Our service includes dealing with purchase process, aircraft registration services in cooperation with local specialists and management / coordination of suitable aircraft owner entities.