Business Consultancy

Futuramax are an independent business consultancy firm focused on the needs of small and medium size companies. We operate in Europe and the United States of America and provide our clients with custom made solutions for their business needs.

Business Consultancy

Company Formation / Start-ups

Business start-up service helps international clients to find the right company structure and jurisdiction to incorporate. We form companies in most onshore and offshore jurisdictions worldwide.

Company Management & Administration

Professional company managers run and administer your company according to your instructions. External company management is a benefit during business start-up phase, after been faced with financial hardships, for asset protection reasons or when setting up a company abroad.

Sell & buy a business

If you plan to sell your company or wish to retire in the foreseeable future, we find a suitable buyer / successor for you.

Business analyses

We analyse strengths and weak points in your corporate structure and indicate practicable improvement suggestions. Our Balanced Scorecard system provides the entrepreneur with a mighty instrument for the supervision and optimisation of company performance.

Cost reduction

Unlike our competitors - amongst them "top rated" consulting firms - our consultancy services are practicable and affordable for small and medium size companies.

Company restructuring

Futuramax give independent advice with regard to outsourcing / relocating or selling parts of a business or an entire company.

Company Rescue / Interim Management

If things go wrong for a company you need an expert who knows how to get the business back on track.

HR Services

Only the right employee working at the right position within the company archieves best results. We find matching candidates for you.